Strategic Planning

Atalon Ventures adopts a diversified business model, including investment and research and development of digital beer pong systems, digital game consoles, smart business solution, and O2O online marketplace. In the past few years, we have been optimizing existing products and making different attempts in various fields. While devoting to the research and development of innovation and technological products and providing new services, these products and services have also brought reliable sources of growth for the company. We do not only shoulder the responsibility of developing more revolutionary products, but also act as a bridge to connect various industries around the world. We, who have always been known for our innovative spirit, are committed to adopting the following strategies to become a market leader and bring long-term economic benefits to the countries and regions where we operate.


Drive the development of online marketplace

The diversified products and services we have developed can effectively attract distributors all over the world and several stable customers. The subscription-based fee continues to provide long-term stable income to the company. Furthermore, the user's gaming experience can be enhanced through the development of mobile applications linked to products. On the other hand, we have also integrated the development direction of the O2O online marketplace platform to attract more third-party partners to join the smart business solution – iSaleConnect. Our high-quality products and services drive the development of online platform, boost sales revenue and expand the business development of third-party partners, to achieve a perfect win-win situation.


Create a sustainable future

While developing new products and services, we also control costs within a reasonable range and bring long-term and stable development benefits to the company. To enhance sustainable development, Atalon Ventures also adhere to the principle of environmental protection in the entire business development process and production field and focus on low-carbon production to save energy consumption and reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. We also participate in sustainable urban development while building innovative scientific research.


Expand international market

The company's business network covers more than 42 cities around the world and can ensure that each project can be effectively executed in the design, research and development, implementation, sales, and optimization the process. At the same time, the huge business network can also enable the company's future business development take the lead. For example, by virtue of our business network, we can promote our newly developed products and services to a group of stable customers from all over the world. We can also place advertisements or carry out various marketing activities for our products on mobile applications, making the best use of our existing resources.

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