Social Responsibility

Atalon Ventures' mission is to make use of innovation and technology to improve living standards, integrate technology into creative industries and services, and work with all walks of life to promote sustainable development.



We have been supporting various charitable programs and community activities and are committed to building good relationships with various groups. We also encourage and support employees to participate in blood donation or volunteer activities to promote public welfare development and contribute to the community.


Care the employees

We strive to create a safe, healthy, caring, and equal working environment for our employees. We will also organize team building activities to strengthen interaction among colleagues, and provide training for all types of employees, and encourage them to develop their expertise to give back to society.


Green Ecology

We actively promote environmental awareness and set several environmental protection goals to maintain the balance between business needs and green ecology, such as energy conservation, waste reduction, carbon, and gas emissions, to reduce the pressure on the environment.


Sustainable development

Adhering to the people-oriented spirit, we promise to bring high-quality products and services to customers, create value for the community, employees and the environment, and promote the sustainable development and growth of our business. We are also actively involved in a variety of views and are committed to ensuring that all partners can develop in a sustainable way.


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